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Color offset printing in Scottsdale may cost a bit more than digital printing, but many of our customers tell us it's worth the little extra money. Offset printing provides results that simply cannot be matched by digital imaging. We do first class work and we do it for a fair price.

Offset printing is one of the commonly used printing methods for producing a large volume of printed materials. Also known as 'offset lithography', color offset printing Scottsdale produces images and text with ink that is not directly pressed on to the media. Instead, the ink is applied from a metal plate to a rubber mat, then set onto the media. Offset printing technology makes it possible to produce printed materials in bulk fast and without variations in the ink distribution. Printed materials dry fast, too, enabling printing companies to achieve higher productivity and deliver your finished project on time.
Color offset printing is traditionally performed on a web printing press, which uses large rolls of continuously fed paper. It can also be done on a sheet-fed press. Nowadays, printing companies use the latest technology for more efficient color offset printing. Computers can be used for generating instructions on ink color mixture and to indicate color distribution onto the paper.
Black, yellow, magenta, and cyan are the commonly used colors in color offset printing Scottsdale. There are different percentages that apply to CMYK to make any color that is needed for the material. Color matching systems like PANTONE enable buyers to see colors.
Do you need a printer that can provide color offset printing at a discounted price? Contact us here at Markit Media. We are a custom graphics and web design company that specializes in promotional items. Markit Media has experience in marketing and advertising, so we are able to create high-quality promotional products for any business in Scottsdale and Phoenix.
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