Dashboards/App Development

We build custom dashboards and mobile apps, and manage database integration so clients can maximize their marketing and operational efficiencies. Like they say, time is money, and this is where custom digital development can be a real competitive advantage. Most importantly, custom development platforms can provide the customer with a better brand experience that results in more sales conversions.

Prior to the pandemic in 2021, we built out Comfort Dental's HIPAA compliant on-line scheduler platform. While on-line scheduling was nothing new, other dentists who offered on-line scheduling didn't properly utilize the asset. In some cases, these platforms were not HIPAA compliant. Other dentists had no on-line scheduler at all, and couldn't operate effectively during the pandemic. Long story short, due to a well executed on-line scheduling platform, Comfort Dental patients could easily schedule dental care during the pandemic quickly and easily. The result was the biggest new patient increase in the company's history during the summer of 2021. A perfect example of how custom platforms can grow sales.

Medina Communications favors utilizing in-house and trusted staff for front-end development projects which provides a layer of security and consistency . We don't favor out-of-house developers. The last thing you want is some dude with a skateboard leaving town with your passwords and code. If your agency farms out your development and digital management, you may want to think about who holds the keys.


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