OTT Television

Q. What is OTT or Streaming Television?

A. Defined as the TV programming coming through the Internet. Newer TVs have internet capability and come pre-loaded with an abundance of app networks such as Pluto, Peacock, Disney and many more. Some are free while others are paid.

Big Picture Strategy

The big picture is that Television is the single largest reaching medium on Earth. For most brands to grow, advertising must Reach a mass audience with Video on the big screen. That’s how it’s done.

Both traditional broadcast TV, Cable TV and Digital Media combine to make up about 85% of all time spent with the media. TV is where the Reach is. TV delivers a message with emotion and impact utilizing both video and audio. TV also establishes credibility and positions a brand above the competition.

The lines between traditional Broadcast TV, Cable TV and OTT are blurred. Most local stations and cable networks have OTT streaming channels. Traditional TV networks understand that their future is the internet and OTT.  For marketers, understanding how to maneuver this jungle unlocks the power of Television.

The OTT Advantage

Many companies make the mistake of utilizing Broadcast TV which offers a large reach, but can't hyper-target an audience. This means there’s waste and inefficiency. Broadcast is also expensive from an absolute cost and CPM as compared to other mediums.

However, OTT can target very specific demographics and utilize specific networks that put a brand’s message directly in front of the intended target. This makes OTT highly efficient and cost efficient.

For example, dental offices and most retail locations can reach specific consumers located within their trade zone or zip codes. Other parameters such as income or gender can also be added to the target specifications. This is all possible with OTT, and that's a distinct advantage over broadcast TV, cable and radio.

OTT uses the power of TV combined with the targetability of the internet. It’s that simple. If you’re ready to make your advertising work harder and better, reach out to us at Medina Communications. Our years of buying OTT and all forms of Television make us exceptionally knowledgeable.

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