If a picture tells a thousand words, moving pictures are a novel. But a novel that you can read in 30 seconds. Medina will craft a storyline and send our on-staff videographers to your location to shoot and concisely edit an engaging resource for your website and social media. We also produce TV spots for traditional broadcast media along with training and event recap videos that will live on forever in your library and showcase the evolution of your business.

Bandimere Jet Car Nationals

Bandimere Mile High Nationals

Bandimere Truck Fest

Comfort Dental Shares with Infinite Hero

Comfort Dental, CO Rockies, ACE Scholarships

Comfort Dental Shares with Special Olympics

Comfort No Matter Who BMX

Comfort No Matter Who Climbing

Comfort No Matter Who Kayak

Comfort Light Up Halloween

Comfort We Missed Your Smile

O'Toole's Let's Grow Together

O'Toole's Animation

O'Toole's 40th Extravaganza

O'Toole's & Apple Valley

O'Toole's & Britton Nursery

Flamenco Fantasy

Cottonwood Club NYE

Cottonwood Club Spookeasy


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