Great video is both irrelevant and relevant. In other words, presenting a product in an unusual or unique way, while also being relevant to the sales strategy is really the magic in effective advertising.

If you accept the premise that video is more impactful than still images, every business needs video to sell itself most effectively.  Video can be utilized on the brand's website, social media, press releases, PPC ads, lobby TV screens, and so on. Video informs and entertains like no other medium.

Medina Communications has decades of years of experience producing video with impact. From 30-minute B2B recruitment videos, to 15-second Facebook videos, to 30-second commercials on network TV, we do it all. We manage the production process, and deliver content that is impactful and consistent with the brand. Rather than say more, see below and let our work speak for itself. If you need video production, please reach out. 

Bandimere Jet Car Nationals

Bandimere Mile High Nationals

Bandimere Truck Fest

Comfort Dental Shares with Infinite Hero

Comfort Dental, CO Rockies, ACE Scholarships

Comfort Dental Shares with Special Olympics

Comfort No Matter Who BMX

Comfort No Matter Who Climbing

Comfort No Matter Who Kayak

Comfort Light Up Halloween

Comfort We Missed Your Smile

O'Toole's Let's Grow Together

O'Toole's Animation

O'Toole's 40th Extravaganza

O'Toole's & Apple Valley

O'Toole's & Britton Nursery

Flamenco Fantasy

Cottonwood Club NYE

Cottonwood Club Spookeasy


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