Media Buying

Media buying is a lot more art than science. Consumers have a multitude of media choices ranging from traditional to digital. With so many media options, there is a great opportunity to be creative with media choices, but it's also far more complicated.

Media buying begins with developing a media strategy that fits the broader marketing strategy. For example, the nature of the product or service should be synergistic with a media choice. Utilizing television, a visual medium, to promote flowers at a garden center, a visual product, can make sense. For most retail brands, radio offers immediacy to generate sales and promote events. Outdoor billboards can compliment radio to deliver multiple messages in a short time frame to increase impact. Event marketing delivers the power of a personal, human touch. Ensuring there is a fit between product and media is a critical step and cannot be underestimated. If you mess up here, the rest is for not.

It should be noted that a solid Digital Strategy should be the cornerstone for most brands these days. Attention should be paid to digital marketing fundamentals such as a functional web site with a conversion mechanism. At some point in a brand's growth, digital marketing isn't enough. There simply isn't enough reach. Even Google utilizes television to promote their brand. Therein lies the need to develop a broader, integrated media plan with traditional media that can include television, radio, outdoor, print, and event marketing, among others.

Interestingly, most ad agencies specialize in either digital media or traditional media, but not both. This is where Media Communications is different. We provide media buying for both traditional and digital, which ensures optimum integration. Clients don't have to coordinate efforts between two companies, and logistics are more efficient.

Traditional broadcast media, including TV and radio can reach a lot of consumers very quickly. The fact is, video is the most powerful medium on the planet, however it's expensive therefore can be difficult to sustain. Radio is less costly and highly targeted, but without a visual component. Regardless, clients need to be sure there are enough retail locations to justify the broad reach of broadcast, or be convinced that customers will travel great distances. We've seen retail companies jump the gun by using broadcast media, and the result is poor ROI.

Event marketing is a powerful tactic because brands get to connect with consumers on a personal level. Friendly and knowledgeable brand representatives with a colorful tent and signage, a fun mascot character and prizes can endear consumers to a brand. Bounce-back coupons at events can also be effective at the local level. The challenge with events is the complexity and the high cost per thousand.

Someone once said there is no substitute for experience, and that certainly applies to media buying. When dealing with traditional media, our inside knowledge of rates, research analysis, and effective scheduling makes a big difference. Our insight comes from years of work experience with large media outlets such as CBS, NBC, and iHeart. This, along with tenacious negotiation and focus on results is how we at Medina Communications differentiate ourselves from other agencies. Our full staff of media professionals specialize in optimizing buys of both traditional and digital media, a one-two punch that has proven successful since 1996.

We've never met a media plan we couldn't improve.


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