Dental Marketing

Targeting The Right Audience For The Lowest CPM

Dental marketing is a bit like selling something no one enjoys. 50% of the population don't visit a dentist regularly. The other half has chosen a dentist either by proximity, brand awareness, referral, price, or all the above. Regardless of a dentist's business model (high volume and low cost, or low volume higher cost), it's about targeting the right audience for the lowest CPM. Granted, not all CPMs generate the same results.

Digital Marketing For Dental Practices

Effective dental marketing starts with understanding HIPAA and how these laws affect data transfer between patients and dental offices. This is an essential element in the digital space. Effective Digital Marketing should fundamentally include a functional and dynamic website with online scheduling. Also, a reviews generator program for best reviews and Google ranking, a social media element, and a search engine management effort. Each of these tactics is a detailed discussion, so we'll save these details for another time. However, digital marketing isn't enough to keep a dental practice busy. Dentists who play in this realm solely will pay high Costs-Per-Thousands, and find it difficult to break through the clutter to build awareness and build greater patient volume.

Dental Website Design Company

The web designer is like an architect, they make a functional feast for the eyes. We all know good design when we see it but coordinating form and function is more challenging than choosing a default Wordpress template. Medina Communications balances purpose, simplicity and navigation into a frictionless web experience to convert shoppers into appointment requests. Hand-pick some positive customer testimonials, create a clear call to action (CTA), a way to make or request an appointment and always display a phone number near the top of the website. Directions, street view of the practice, practice overview, doctor information, practice areas, and insurance information are also required. Our designers are experts in neat, clean, informative designs, the aesthetics of good design, UX (user experience) and UI (user interface). Good navigation, eliminating clutter, and having lots of white space are all very important. A professional dental service organization (DSO) allows dentists, managers and staff to practice dentistry and provide excellent customer service and professional office management. Medina Communications coordinates the branding and writing to hit the write tone with patients, delivers vital information, and sustains the practice with appointment conversions. Every part of the web experience should be frictionless because choosing a dentist, like most buying decisions, is made quickly, based on emotions. The ideal potential patient evaluating the practice is the most important target leading to new business. Are they looking for a dentist? Comparing practices? Looking for directions or do they want to make an appointment now? Understanding why they are on the website making important decisions helps in making design decisions which lead to practice success.

Website Developer for Dental Practices

Medina Communications developers are experienced DSO website developers, coordinating the website design and SEO requirements into a finished on-brand, mobile-friendly, quickly loading website, true to design and business requirements. They are responsible for all technical aspects of the website backend, the server, domain registration, implementing structured data, programming and tags. They assist the customer in making web platform decisions such as shopping carts, CMS (Content Management Systems), hard-coded websites such as Bootstrap, and hybrid-curated systems such as Wix and Squarespace. These decisions should be carefully considered because they will affect marketing and practice management success for several future years. Developers also advise clients on website security regarding decisions on HIPAA compliance, SSL certificates, regular backups, server updates, managing error messages, and preventing SQL injections (a common hacking method).

Brand Awareness Through Mass Media

For multiple offices or DSOs (Dental Service Organizations), there may be enough geographical coverage to merit mass media such as Broadcast Television, Cable Television, or Radio or outdoor. If a dental group can justify mass media, this level of advertising will serve as the basis for building brand awareness, which is the first step in reaching a large number of potential patients. Cable Television can target an audience with a smaller geographic zone and great targeting ability. Not all mass media has to be expensive or lend itself to wasted reach.

All media options have their pros and cons. Outdoor billboards also provide for zoned geographic reach but more waste. Event marketing is an excellent opportunity to meet people one-on-one but is time-consuming and an expensive CPM. One of the more effective marketing tactics is fliers passed out to homes, apartments, and businesses within a 2-mile radius. That's a lot of effort, but it's often worth it to drive new patient visits to meet people first-hand.

Creative Messaging

Another key component of effective dental marketing is the creative message, meaning how we position a dentist apart from the competition. The proverbial dentist ad with a dentist in their patient's mouth is not attractive, nor does the classic doctor/staff picture do much. That doesn't sell the core benefit. Remember, we're selling something nobody enjoys. The real benefit to seeing a dentist is avoiding the fear of a poor health condition, and the upside is piece-of-mind knowing one has good oral and general health.

Environmental Marketing

Dentists and staff who know how to be friendly to patients are essential since they want to like and trust someone poking a sharp object into their mouth. Friendly offices get far more repeat patients, and that's no real surprise. That's true in all businesses. Extra Environmental marketing should include be on exterior signage, window graphics, lobby and operatory wall graphics/design that feel friendly and consistent with the office's brand positioning. Again, avoid pictures of the dentist's family. No one cares.

Comfort Dental Franchises

2013 through 2021 Medina Communications executed annual national outdoor campaigns for Comfort Dental. Markets included Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, and Washington. The strategy was to secure outdoor inventory on high traffic arteries reaching the greatest number of potential patients. It was also important to ensure outdoor boards were right hand reads, facing in the direction heading towards each Comfort Dental location. Outdoor creative strategy was consistent with the national creative campaign. Outdoor creative was simplified to ensure motorists could easily read the campaign message traveling at over 55 miles per hour. Rates negotiated saved the client over 20% per market. Production costs were also negotiated to include the first vinyl sheet at no charge. By negotiating favorable outdoor campaigns with strategic execution reaching millions of motorists, Medina Communications helped to build the Comfort Dental brand into one of the largest dental franchises in the country.

Here are links to some Comfort Dental creative:

A Balanced Approach

The real value at Medina Communications is to balance these marketing tactics to fit within a budget framework and generate the most significant results, and to put as many patients in chairs as possible for the dollar.

If you're a dental office or DSO looking for 20+ years of dental marketing experience, you've come to the right place. Medina Communications spent years building the Comfort Dental brand, beginning with just 30 offices in 2001, and growing to 180 offices in 10 states with over 500 partner dentists. Comfort Dental is the largest dental franchisor in the U.S., and our experience was in both patient and new partner marketing.