Media Buying for Dental

Buying media for Dental isn't much different than buying media for other retail categories, with a few key exceptions. Like all advertisers, the overall goal is to buy a reasonable level of reach and frequency for the lowest possible cost. We've sold and bought media for 40 years, and we know how to drive value and price, but also ensure the inventory runs correctly and strategically.
Case in point. We know people generally dislike going to the dentist. We also know consumers think more about "utility" early in the week, mainly Monday through Wednesday. Understanding these dynamics, electronic media such as Television and Radio should run early in the week to get the best response, reaching consumers when they are in the appropriate frame of mind. It's also wise to avoid holiday time frames for the same reason. Dental advertisers should also be aware of state dental board rules for advertising, specifically the required disclosures in advertising. This can have an impact on Radio as disclosures might be 4-8 seconds long in a radio spot, and taking up valuable time. Does this mean Radio isn't effective for Dental? No. It just means this is a factor, among many that should be considered.

Each medium has it's pros and cons. While digital media is a critical link in the chain, it too has its shortcomings. One could say it's difficult to build brand awareness with digital only.  It could also be said that "large format" mediums such as Television, Outdoor and Events best build awareness, and make digital media work better. The real talent is the ability to formulate a media plan that is strategic. Then execute the buy with aggressiveness and emphasis on price and value.  If your DSO needs a seasoned team with media skills, reach out to us at Medina Communications. Read more about Media Buying


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