Gates Corporation contracted us to buy national trade publications to advertise their aftermarket products for cars, light trucks, fleets, recreational vehicles and rental machinery.

The Gates media buy is an example of our tenacious media negotiation style that saved the client tens of thousands of dollars.

Negotiated 45% savings on the total media buy.

For Trade advertising, we purchased ads in 9 national automotive parts publications targeting wholesale/retail automotive parts dealers. Through diligent negotiations we saved Gates $23,240 or 24% year over year on this buy.

For Power Sports advertising, we purchased 9 national powersports publications targeting ATV/Snowmobile owners. Determined negotiations saved Gates $24,515 or 55% year over year on this buy.


Micro V advertising included the purchase of 2 national automotive repair magazines. Negotiated savings totaled $1,623 or 28% year over year.

Master Market advertising required the purchase of 2 national rental equipment magazines saving $1,804 or 20% year over year.

Acceleration sessions involved buying 1 automotive trade show magazine resulting in a savings of $1,662 or 53% year over year.


Results. No Excuses.

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