Having Several Ad Agencies is Making You Less Efficient.

Having Several Ad Agencies is Making You Less Efficient.

If you're like many DSOs, you have several ad agencies, each specializing in a skillset. This is especially true in the digital realm with clients utilizing an SEO agency, a social media agency, and so on.

However, some CMO's are looking to consolidate agency services for better overall marketing effectiveness, and ultimately better sales results. Here's why consolidation may make sense for you.

1. Expertise - Most ad agencies working in the dental industry have a few years of experience, or no experience or track record at all. At the same time, dental is regulated (HIPPA, ADA, state board rules), and eventually these intersect with marketing. If the agency isn't paying attention, this can be a formula for disaster. Experience also comes in the form of a successful track record in the dental industry, and most agencies have none. It's sounds cliche, but there is no substitute for experience.

2. Cost - It's likely that an agency will bend on fees if they're consolidating your business with them. This step could lower a client's overall agency costs.

3. Control - Consolidating agency services gives the client more real time control to react to market changes. Multiple agencies mean multiple contacts who need coordination.

4. Competing Agencies - Multiple agencies may compete for budget or lack cooperation. Clients don't like to referee these politics.

5. Competing Analytics - Usually in the digital realm, one agency will show their favorable analytics, while another firm will show different analytics and their favorable data. This can get confusing for the client. On the other hand, one agency has no incentive to favor one program over another. If a tactic isn't working, get rid of it and move on. This isn't so easily accomplished with multiple agencies scrambling to keep your business.

5. Creative Consistency - One agency can more effectively develop, deploy and monitor new campaigns, copy changes and brand standards across all channels for brand cohesiveness.

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