Tips for Engineering Firms to Improve Marketing

Tips for Engineering Firms to Improve Marketing

Oftentimes, we see engineering firms that offer a great service and have years of experience, but their marketing lacks polish. At some level, it gnaws at their credibility and stifles growth. Here are a few key areas to pay attention to if you’re managing your firm’s marketing.

A Professional Website
Smaller and mid-sized engineering firms need to look like bigger firms when it comes to marketing, and it starts with a dynamic website. Is your current website on par with much larger firms? Graphic design, the quality of photos and videos, the ease of navigation, and posting current information all play a critical role. Many smaller firms typically have a “friend” who has been managing the website for years. Here’s a tip: Get professionals involved, otherwise you’re spinning your wheels. If you want to play in the big leagues, then your website needs to reflect that ambition.

Maximize Your Digital Marketing with a Dashboard
Digital media is the fundamental building block for all marketing. The advantage of digital media is it's easily measured. However, getting your arms around this data and making smart decisions is sometimes not easy. There are dozens of various analytics for SEO, website traffic, reviews and social media. The best solution is to build a Digital Dashboard that has all your relevant analytics in one place. There are several platforms to utilize including Google Data Studio. A Digital Marketing Dashboard is a perfect solution for marketing managers that demand accountability, and data in real time that's relevant and actionable. And that's the whole point.

Consolidate Your Digital Marketing
The likely scenario for engineering firms is to have one outside person managing the website, someone on staff managing LinkedIn, no one seriously managing SEO, and so on. This model is a mess because all the digital marketing pieces are scattered and lack strategic coordination. It may make sense to consolidate all digital marketing with professionals, either with a qualified in-house person or a marketing agency. Regardless of your approach, it's critical that your digital assets work in tandem.  Consolidating digital marketing can be a better ROI delivering a higher level of expertise and professionalism.  


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