Medina Communications Excited to Announce 5-Star Rating on Clutch

March 17, 2020

Medina Comm.

One of our many marketing and advertising services here at Medina Communications is outdoor media buying, or out-of-home advertising (OOH), such as billboards. You may ask, how effective are billboards really? But according to, OOH advertising is 382% more effective than widely viewed TV ads

In 2019, we happily partnered with ExtraHop to provide marketing and advertising for their cybersecurity services. We are thrilled to share that ExtraHop gave Medina Communications a 5-Star review on Clutch, a ratings site for businesses.  

We were hired to creatively and strategically raise brand awareness among ExtraHop’s core audience of security buyers, technology partners, and the late-stage investor community. 

The ExtraHop Director of Corporate Marketing and Communication commended our “outside the box” campaigns and our courage to “push the envelope” with marketing and advertising initiatives. 

This reputation prompted ExtraHop to ask us to do outdoor media buys in the San Francisco area around a major trade show. The advertising space in the high-traffic area central to the downtown business was highly sought after, and a major brand name tech company also expressed interest. 

ExtraHop review applauded our lobbying capabilities to secure the billboard for eight weeks. ExtraHop affirms that billboard helped generate high traffic to their trade show booth. 

In addition to outdoor media buying, the review on Clutch highlights our efforts to secure NPR air-time at a significant discount leading up to a major company event. We tirelessly crafted content that would target some of the 92% of consumers that listen to the radio weekly

Medina didn't just serve as a media buyer; they were hands-on in helping us develop the creative for these campaigns. In developing the radio spots with NPR, they demonstrated an understanding of our brand and campaign objectives, and really guided us in crafting the language that would most effectively communicate our message…”

  • Director of Marketing and Communications, ExtraHop

We are grateful for our client’s time to craft a robust review to recognize our commitment to effective marketing and advertising.

You may find more reviews and lists of businesses on Clutch’s article based sister site, The Manifest, and similar ranking and testimonials on the more portfolio site, Visual Objects. 

Whether it is media buying, digital strategy, optimization services, or beyond, Medina Communications is here to help. Interested in working with us? Check us out! 


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