Medina Communications Excited to Announce 5-Star Rating on Clutch

March 17, 2020 Medina Comm. One of our many marketing and advertising services here at Medina Communications is outdoor media buying, or out-of-home advertising (OOH), such as billboards. You may ask, how effective are billboards really? But according to, OOH advertising is 382% more effective than widely viewed TV ads.  In 2019, we happily partnered with ExtraHop to provide … Read More

Think outside the media cakebox

August 23, 2019 Bryce King, Creative & Digital Director If you did a deal with a media company, and it started with a cake, you might have a problem. We cranked up a new client on the radio and wouldn’t you know it, other stations came out of the woodwork. One station in particular got our attention when they dropped … Read More

Media Buying

Media buying is a lot more art than science. Consumers have a multitude of media choices ranging from traditional to digital. With so many media options, there is a great opportunity to be creative with media choices, but it’s also far more complicated. Media buying begins with developing a media strategy that fits the broader marketing strategy. For example, the … Read More